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Grey Eurynome

Let That Shit Go Wire Bound Journal

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Let's be !

Our minds are busy, our lives are full and we hold onto so much that we don't need.  So many thoughts, worries, doubts, fears and more are ping ponging around in our minds!  

Let this journal be your safe space to vent it all out onto the page!

You can't push it down, ignore it, try to put on a brave face and think it will magically disappear. By writing it all out you acknowledge what you are feeling so that you can move through it.

Clear out what is weighing you down! 

130 lined pages
Heavy black stock front and back covers
Metallic gold foil imprint
Gold Wire Binding
Rounded corners

Lays Flat when opened
The header of each page says "Let that shit go."
Fully Made in Southern California, USA