Laura Cain

I'm Laura, owner of LiveYourDamnLifeShop.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Here at LiveYourDamnLife, we believe in the spirit of the independent woman.

She may be married with five kids. 

She may be single and the best aunt ever.

She may own her own business and adopt five dogs.

She may own her own home, or travel and never settle in one place.

She may be any or none of the above.

What matters is that she is doing what is true to her, even (or especially) if it’s a little less expected or traditional.

Because women should be empowered and celebrated to live their life - however they damn well please.

We created this shop to provide products with a more unique or non-typical message, for that non-traditional woman who is living her life authentically to herself. 

In addition to our own products, you'll find a curated collection of ones from other women-owned independent brands supporting this same message, that we also think you'll love.

Keep living your damn life, your own way!

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